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Here at Ella's Second Home, we provide the proper childcare services that your child needs to help them grow physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. With a holistic approach that enhances the growth and development of children from 12 months to 4 years, we are able to provide fun and educational activities that support the needs of children.


We are Ella's Second Home, a family daycare facility where your children are our priority. We believe that every child deserves to be loved, cared for and supported primarily by parents and by qualified caregivers. Children need to grow and develop in a normal, healthy and nurturing environment.


Backed by over twenty-five years of providing childcare services, we have established a solid reputation as the premier childcare facility in San Francisco. We are proud to be a partner for every parent in the growth and development of their child.





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Welcome to Ella's Second Home 
Where your children come first!

Childcare plays an essential role in the proper development of children. This is what we value the most when helping parents with full-time jobs in San Francisco. Here at Ella's Second Home, we offer parents the confidence and security you can expect from us. We aim to exceed your expectations in many ways more than you can count. We are staffed with licensed childcare professionals who are dedicated in providing excellent care and attention to every child under our care. We work closely with you to understand specific needs and any restrictions if there are any.

So if you're in San Francisco, and are in need of outstanding childcare services you can trust, we are here for you - Ella's Second Home!

Our Mission Statement

At Ella’s Second Home daycare, we believe childcare is an important extension of a child’s family. By responding to the needs of children, we help them develop skills physically, cognitively and emotionally to persevere in any environment. Our program provides families with the luxury of flexible hours where children play in multiage level groups in a structured yet child centered setting to help children develop a sense of self in a supporting and nurturing environment.
  1. "My daughter talks about her friends and carers at Ella's all the time. Highly recommended!"

    Laura A.
  2. "I can't imagine any other day care being a more perfect fit for my son."

    Felix R.
  3. "We are very happy that we got enrolled at Ella's, and our little one has made her first friends at this lovely daycare."

    Anya T.
So if you're in San Francisco, and are looking for a compassionate childcare facility that is the perfect match for your child's needs, there's only one name to remember - Ella's Second Home!
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